Sasser Consulting

Sasser Consulting is about YOU!  It is YOUR Dream that we assist to Create YOUR Success.  Featuring over 20 Years of Information Technology Experience.  We offer a variety of different specialties.


It is a Dangerous World any longer.  The Internet is an integral part of our lives and ensuring your team is not impacted by the latest threats is a primary goal. 

Allow Sasser Consulting to lay out a plan to provide protection so that you spend more time building your business as opposed to worrying about your business.

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Resources are expected to be there when you need them. 

Sasser Consulting sets a priority to ensure your work is available as you need it.  Whether it is Data on a Server or Email in the Cloud.  

Your Uptime is of Utmost Importance.

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Not your Typical ‘Geek’ talk to keep you guessing what we are doing.

We practice KISS on a daily basis so that YOU can embrace Technology to Assist you with your Success.

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Bringing together over 20 years of Information Technology in Workstations, Server, Networks, and Databases.  Sasser Consulting is a multi-faceted company who is ready to take YOUR company to the next Level

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